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Introducing the Liberty Library Management System

Liberty is a high performance library management software solution that will grow and change with the needs of your organisation. Liberty enables vital information to be discovered and delivered anywhere, anytime through modern digital devices. Liberty combines advanced functionality with ease of use.


Your special library connects people to information that helps them succeed. They trust you for accurate answers, but expect swift access. In this internet era, your special library needs strong solutions that allow you to compete for attention, and highlight your value.

Powerful Management Interface

Liberty has a robust management interface, allowing you to easily:

  • Report on all aspects of library, research and resource center management, including statistics
  • View information alerts and real-time reminders
  • Create up to seven customised authority files or taxonomies
  • Secure access to resources according to user profiles and privileges matching business policies
  • Z-Cataloging support – import MARC21 records from libraries and databases around the world


Powerful Analytics Interface

Liberty integrates with other technologies and services to provide you with additional features:

  • Dynamically view graphical reports using real time library data with Analytical Reporting
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Reporting & Analytics
Create custom, detailed reports to focus on areas important to you. Schedule reports and have them sent directly to your inbox
Complete Asset Management
Manage any type of resource your library provides, whether it be physical, virtual or electronic. Track equipment or any other assets belonging to your organization
Cloud Hosting

Reliable and secure certified T4 hosting facilities are available for hassle-free setup and access via the cloud. Self-hosted setups are also supported

Integration Options

Use our APIs to integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint, or expand your library’s catalog by integrating with OverDrive, ClickView and other providers

Free Training

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First Class Support
Access to a support team comprised of qualified professionals who understand both library processes and related technologies. Support is available via online chat, Email or phone


— PLACEHOLDER — Located all your resources in one place using federated search. Find results from your library catalog alongside third party sources such as EBSCO or Proquest — PLACEHOLDER — (screenshot of predictive search and loading results?)

 — PLACEHOLDER — Provide your users with a home page targeting their interests and highlighting information via featured lists, carousels, sliders, videos and more (screenshot showing home page being modified?) — PLACEHOLDER —

–PLACEHOLDER– something about users being able to manage their own profiles, reserve/renew/request/alerts/SDI/review and save results –PLACEHOLDER (screenshot of user profile screen below, showing alerts/loans etc?)

Full Text Search
Search all the fields within your catalog, including any information within your electronic resources such as Word or PDF documents
Customizable Interface

Customize the layout and contents of any and every page in the system to suit your library’s needs

Liberty Link App

The Liberty Link app is available for both Android and iOS to ensure your users have access to the information they need on-the-go

Single Sign-on
Support for Single Sign-on (SSO) means secure and convenient access to the library catalog without being asked to login

Use our APIs to integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint, or expand your library’s catalog by integrating with OverDrive, ClickView and other providers

RFID and Self Checkout

Make the loans and returns process hassle-free with Liberty’s RFID and self-checkout support


Library - Library management

Sea Power Centre Adds 6,000th Entry to Catalogue

Congratulations to the Sea Power Centre Library on reaching a cataloguing milestone, entering the 6000th record into their Liberty system which holds their historic reference collection.

Library - Library management

Lamm Jewish Library of Australia

“Our borrowers like that Liberty is simple to use. It is easy to access the catalog directly from the Lamm Jewish Library website and see what is available.”

Leonie Fleiszig, Director

Library - Software

Independent Living Centre WA Case Study

“Liberty has improved inventory management, loans management and simplified cataloguing with more comprehensive categorisation of resources and barcode tracking.”

Michael Wiebrands, ICT Project Officer, Independent Living Centre WA,

Library - Library management

WWF Case Study

“Liberty is an easy to use system, there is clear navigation and it’s reliable in every way – making my job much easier.”

Allison Jackson, Librarian, WWF

Laboratory - Research

The Pirbright Institute Case Study

“Liberty offered all the functionality required for the Library and ensured we achieved a central search system with effective search functionality.”

Liz Pritchard, Librarian, The Pirbright Institute