Your library connects people to information that helps them succeed.  We understand your library is unique, and has individual needs.  Liberty’s flexibility and customizability gives you a solution that records information the way you need, and suits your workflow. 

Liberty can be found in a range of Government, Engineering, Not-for-Profit, Scientific, and Research libraries across the globe. Whether you are a small, one-person library or a larger library with multiple branches and offices, Liberty’s features allow you to deliver information to your organization and helps you automate tasks to save you time.

Liberty has a clean and modern interface and makes it easy for library patrons and staff to succeed in their research or work


Promote the true value of your library with a configurable homepage that allows you to easily get information to your users


Drag and drop analytical reporting with clear visual reports generated from Liberty. Schedule your reports to run automatically


Single Sign-on
Support for Single Sign-on (SSO) means secure and convenient access to the library catalog without being asked to login
Integration Options
Use our APIs to integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, or expand your library’s catalog by integrating with OverDrive, ClickView and other providers
Full Text Search
Search all the fields within your catalog, including any information within your electronic resources such as Word or PDF documents
Reporting & Analytics
Create custom, detailed reports to focus on areas important to you. Schedule reports and have them sent directly to your inbox
Complete Asset Management Solution
Manage any type of resource your library provides, whether it be physical, virtual or electronic. Track equipment or any other assets belonging to your organization
First Class Support
Access to a support team comprised of qualified professionals who understand both library processes and related technologies. Support is available via online chat, Email or phone


Appraisal Institute

Using Liberty to deliver resources securely and easily to their large membership base.

Melbourne Cricket Club

Read more about how Liberty helps keep track of over 200 000 resources!

Lamm Jewish Library

2023 Updated case study with a post-COVID focus. Find out how the library has changed.

Queensland Theological Library

After migrating to Liberty major changes and benefits occurred at the library, read more here.