In today’s digital age, the preservation and organization of archival materials have become more crucial than ever. Whether you’re managing a vast collection of historical documents, art, or digital assets, the challenge remains the same: how to efficiently store, access, and safeguard your valuable history. Liberty Digital offers a groundbreaking solution that merges flexibility with functionality, allowing you to customize your archival process like never before. Designed to support both digital and physical collections, the system provides a seamless experience that ensures your archives are preserved, accessible, and displayed exactly as you envision.

Step into the future of archive management, where your unique collection can be organized and celebrated, tailored precisely to your needs and preferences.

Versatile Cataloguing

Catalog any file type — whether it’s images, podcasts, e-books, or audiobooks—with ease, creating a rich and diverse digital collection.

AI Metadata Assistant

Leverage the power of AI to enrich your library records, making them more accurate, detailed, and searchable and saving you time.

Document Security

Protect sensitive information with advanced user roles, ensuring that your records are safe from unauthorized access

Dashboard Insights

Gain actionable insights into your library’s operations with detailed dashboard operations including downloads, storage usage, and file types.

Intuitive Browsing of Digital Collections

Navigate digital collections effortlessly with our intuitive browsing features, making it easier for users to explore and discover.


Liberty Digital is scalable, meaning it can grow and adapt as the library’s needs evolve. Whether a library expands its collection, diversifies its services, or increases its user base, Liberty Digital can accommodate these changes.


Library - Library management

Sea Power Centre Adds 6,000th Entry to Catalogue

Congratulations to the Sea Power Centre Library on reaching a cataloguing milestone, entering the 6000th record into their Liberty system which holds their historic reference collection.

Library - Library management

Lamm Jewish Library of Australia

“Our borrowers like that Liberty is simple to use. It is easy to access the catalog directly from the Lamm Jewish Library website and see what is available.”

Leonie Fleiszig, Director

Library - Software

Independent Living Centre WA Case Study

“Liberty has improved inventory management, loans management and simplified cataloguing with more comprehensive categorisation of resources and barcode tracking.”

Michael Wiebrands, ICT Project Officer, Independent Living Centre WA,

Library - Library management

WWF Case Study

“Liberty is an easy to use system, there is clear navigation and it’s reliable in every way – making my job much easier.”

Allison Jackson, Librarian, WWF

Laboratory - Research

The Pirbright Institute Case Study

“Liberty offered all the functionality required for the Library and ensured we achieved a central search system with effective search functionality.”

Liz Pritchard, Librarian, The Pirbright Institute