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We Can Solve Your Digital Content Cataloging Problems!

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In most instances, library staff have been responsible for managing resources to ensure they are properly cataloged, making it easy for patrons to find. They add all the correct information on the catalog record and make sure it’s in the right location. It’s no secret this work requires accuracy and attention to detail!

It’s also no secret libraries are adding more and more digital content to their library, knowledge or research center. Recently, more than ever, libraries have implemented a digital first policy over print, which means you’re adding less print on your shelves and more digital resources into your catalog.

How can you make sure your patrons are finding what they want? In their preferred format?

3 Easy Ways to Separate Digital and Print Resources

The combination of print and online resources may confuse some of your patrons and in most cases, they might not even ask for help to find what they’re after.

But why not make it easier to find this information directly from your library homepage? Let Liberty handle the heavy lifting for you. Here’s how Liberty can help:

1. Create a specific bibliographic type (BibType) for print and another for online resources. Patrons can easily discern what resources can be found on the shelves and what digital content they can access directly via a URL or download link.

2. Create custom search tabs which target a specific set of resources in your catalog, for example, searching under the Digital Resources tab you see below will only yield results found as digital content and exclude content found on your shelves.

screenshot of Liberty search interface for digital resources

3. Liberty also gives you the power to create information boxes which help your patrons navigate as they look for information. Create information boxes to access audio or eBooks, digital images and more.

If all these ideas aren’t enough, you may want to consider going straight to the source. Why not engage your patrons? Ask them about their experience using the library’s home page and the library itself! This might provide some valuable insights into new ways to better assist them.

Liberty’s customizable homepage has been designed to give you maximum flexibility to implement what your patrons need. Does your current ILMS make it easy, or even possible, to provide your patrons with easy access to digital resources like Softlink IC’s Liberty does? Check out our earlier blog which will give you plenty of extra food for thought!

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Find out how our integrated library management system Liberty can be your best digital partner. Just contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.