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Highlights from Softlink’s Virtual Open Day 2024

Softlink IC Virtual Open Day Wrap

Softlink Information Centers (Softlink IC) hosted its third successful Virtual Open Day on May 30, 2024. This much-anticipated event brought together library and knowledge management professionals from around the globe, introducing them to the transformative capabilities of our newest solution, Liberty Digital.

The Virtual Open Day featured a series of expert-led presentations across three time zones, ensuring global reach and participation. Each session was designed to provide attendees with practical advice, tips, and an in-depth look at Softlink’s suite of products, including Liberty Digital, Liberty, and illumin.

Session Highlights – Liberty Digital Launch

The event kicked off with the exciting launch of Liberty Digital. Participants shared in an exploration of its innovative features, which include a customizable user interface, a real-time analytics dashboard, and integration with systems like SharePoint. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive:


During our Virtual Open Day, attendees participated in sessions on AI-driven cataloging with Liberty Digital, maximizing customer service with illumin, and picked up some tips on strategies and tools for securing sensitive files. Other sessions covered maximizing patron engagement by creating inviting homepages, using meaningful reporting to tailor services, and fostering connections through newsletters and emails.

Another highlight of the day was the Fireside Chat with Marshall Breeding, an acclaimed library technology expert. Marshall discussed the evolving landscape of library technology, highlighting the increasing importance of digital resources, the impact of AI, and the shifting expectations of library users. His deep insights into the evolving library systems landscape provided a unique perspective and added immense value to the event.

The interactive format of our Virtual Open Day was widely praised. Participants appreciated the opportunity to engage directly with our team of experts and the friendly, engaging environment fostered.

Feedback from participants was enthusiastic, highlighting the usefulness of the sessions and the excitement around the new features introduced:


Sarah Thompson, General Manager of Softlink IC, reflected on the event’s success: “We are so happy with the engagement at our third Virtual Open Day. The launch of Liberty Digital marks a significant milestone in our mission to equip libraries and archives with the most advanced technology. Liberty Digital is a game-changing tool that redefines what our clients can achieve, it represents our commitment to innovation and our dedication to supporting the changing needs of libraries worldwide.”

Recordings Available

For those who missed the live sessions, recordings are available, ensuring the valuable insights shared during the event are accessible to all. The Virtual Open Day 2024 was not just a showcase of our latest innovations but a testament to our commitment to supporting and enhancing the capabilities of libraries, archives and information centers worldwide.