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The Future is Near: Liberty Digital is Coming Soon

Liberty Digital Sign being revealed from behind red wrapping paper

A Tradition of Innovation

For over four decades, Softlink has been at the forefront of digital transformation. Softlink was one of the first to offer a Library Management System when libraries were transitioning from card catalogs to computers and one of the first to pioneer web-based systems for library management.

Why Liberty Digital?

While our products have had options for cataloging digital content for some time, we’re going further with Liberty Digital to facilitate easy access to a wide range of digital resources. In today’s rapidly changing information landscape, it’s more important than ever for libraries to grow their offering with digital resources or risk being left behind.

Why the Buzz?

Liberty Digital combines some of our much-loved features with more technology aimed at your digital library. We’re ready for the digital revolution – are you? Imagine an offering where:

  • An AI Metadata Assistant boosts cataloging efficiency, automatically cataloging electronic files and images with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.
  • The interface is intuitive and customizable, tailored to meet the specific needs of librarians and users alike, facilitating easy access and management particularly for your digital resources.
  • A digital dashboard offers insights and reporting tools with real-time analytics and overviews of your digital content, empowering libraries with data-driven decision-making capabilities.
  • Both digital and physical collections are managed within a unified system, streamlining the process and ensuring a cohesive library experience.
  • A suite of additional features enhances the library experience, including one-stop search, mobile app support, cloud hosting, exceptional support services, cost-effective storage solutions and more.
  • Comprehensive integration with other business systems such as SharePoint to make document management more efficient and collaborative.

Don’t take our word for it!

We’ve had some of our customers trialing Liberty Digital and providing feedback. They’ve had the chance to trial some of the new features, one said:

“Liberty Digital has streamlined our business processes by seamlessly integrating our digital resources housed in SharePoint. This platform has made information readily accessible, enhanced privacy and copyright protection, and significantly expedited the cataloging process for our information and collections. The incorporation of AI has not only accelerated manual cataloging but has also boosted productivity, ultimately saving us valuable time.”

Coming Soon: A Revolution in Library Management

Softlink IC is excited to offer a glimpse into Liberty Digital. Our solution is not just about adapting to digital transformation but reimagining the potential of libraries and archives with technology that’s built for today and tomorrow.


Screenshots of Liberty Digital interface


Stay Tuned

This blog is just the beginning. Liberty Digital represents a crucial step in our mission to empower libraries and archives with innovative, secure, and user-friendly solutions.

If you’d love a sneak preview of Liberty Digital, register for our Virtual Open Day on 30 May 2024. We’ll be launching Liberty Digital on this day and sharing an exclusive preview of its features. The future is almost here, and with Liberty Digital, it’s looking more promising than ever.