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Will 2018 be the year for affordable library digitisation?

Library digitisation is common place. New content comes in to the library in digital formats. Older materials get a second life through digitisation. And for many libraries under pressure to reduce floor space, it is a way of maintaining services.

But storing all that data is an expense that many libraries struggle with.

It is difficult to calculate the true cost of a digital library project. The Council on Library Information Resources tried to tackle the topic in 2016 on their blog “How much does and should digitization cost?”. In the long list of contributing costs was the external storage of digital files.

Libraries have adopted a number of strategies to work around the problem. One of the most common of which is to only digitise the most commonly used resources. However, this creates the scenario where the usage of lesser used resources drops even more. The strategy puts librarians in the unenviable position of choosing which resources make the grade.

But change is ahead.

Reducing the data storage costs for library digitisation.

The cost of reliable, backed up storage has meant that many libraries have held back on widespread digitisation. In particular, libraries have limited the digitisation of archive materials.

But Softlink expect to see changes to the hosting landscape in 2018.

Moving storage to the cloud is now a cost effective alternative to in house servers. Further, cloud providers have stringent SLA’s regarding data backups and security updates. This provides protection for the digital library against concerns like a server failure.

The technology behind cloud hosting is the other factor offering the prospect of lower data storage. In 2018 Softlink’s focus is on how we can use new technology to improve your library services and budget.

If you have plans for ramping up your library digitisation, use the contact us form above get in touch and ask us how we can help you to keep costs under control!