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Introducing “The role of technology in library outreach” blog series

In the coming weeks, I’ll be publishing a series of posts looking at the role that technology can play in advancing your library outreach or marketing programs.

The blog series will give you the opportunity to work on various aspects of your outreach and marketing, one small step at a time.

Because the scholarly definition of what library outreach is varies, for the purpose of this series we’re focussing on the services, programs, endeavours that are aimed at:

  1. Providing library services to those who for a number of reasons cannot physically get to the main library.
  2. Turning non-users into users by providing services to those who find traditional library services to be inconvenient.
  3. Generating invaluable goodwill within a community (Pointon, 2009, p.5)

We will be launching our first post in the series tomorrow, which will look at how library website usability impacts on your outreach programs and some ideas for what you can do to improve things, without having to invest in a complete website rebuild.

Future topics will look at the library search interface, research services, resources, events and activities and communications.

I trust you will find the series beneficial, and if you have any questions or feedback, just email me


Kristen Lee

Blog Editor