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Health Libraries Are as Vital Today as Ever

Even in the digital age, health libraries play an important function. In fact, with the fast pace of change in the medical industry and the sheer volume of information, health libraries are as vital today as they ever were, both in the United States and worldwide.

Five Reasons Why Health Libraries Are Essential

There are several benefits that can prove that we still need health libraries all over the world. We’ve outlined these benefits below.

1. They Offer Invaluable Free Educational Resources

One case study from the health libraries of Australia showed that health libraries in Victoria handle more than 2,000 requests for literature reviews, references, research, and document delivery every single year. (See “Worth Every Cent And More” report Page 7) Without this, people would have to pay for these services, and this can add up very fast with both large and small medical facilities.

2. They Improve Patient Care

Delivering timely and accurate patient care is at the heart of medical centers, and health libraries play a critical role in this. One study showed that over 98% of all medical personnel used health libraries to help find, change, or confirm a diagnosis. In turn, this can improve patient care because the patients can start treatment quicker. (See “Worth Every Cent And More” Report Page 8)

3. They Help Progress Studies and Force Due Diligence

In the medical world, not having due diligence can cause misdiagnosis or a missed diagnosis. Around 65% of doctors or residents said that they used health libraries to help them perform their due diligence. Around 95% of this same group reported using a health library to help them progress in their studies.

4. They Give a High Rate of Return

Health libraries can have a very good rate of return. One study by SGS Economics and Planning showed that certain health libraries give back an average of $9 for each dollar that goes into the library itself. This is great news because you can use this high rate of return to streamline your processes and offer faster results.

5. They Promote Collaboration Between Hospitals

Health libraries promote collaboration between hospitals and health professionals. Two or more doctors or assistants can use the libraries to research and find solutions for health problems. This can lead to faster treatment times and quicker understanding of health issues or symptoms.

These five benefits prove that it’s essential for health libraries to stay active and current. As we showed, the research demonstrates that health libraries are needed, both in the United States and around the world. They help increase patient care satisfaction, and this is what is at the core of the health industry.

You can see the full “Worth Every Cent And More” report here.